UN wants bloc to sanction South Sudan military leaders


The UN panel of experts for South Sudan has directed the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) member states to immediately impose travel bans and asset freezes on the country’s military commanders sanctioned by the Security Council last year.

The UN Security Council sanctioned at least six commanders from both the government and opposition forces for committing gross atrocities since the onset of the war in 2013.
The military commanders targeted were Major General Marial Chanuong Yol, who is in charge of presidential guards, Lieutenant General Gabriel Jok Riak and Major General Santino Deng Wol, all from government side.

Fresh report
The rebel generals targeted were Major General James Koang, Major General Simon Gatwech Dual, the chief of general staff for the rebel forces, and Major General Peter Gadet.

The fresh report released by the UN pane last month, revealed that four of the sanctioned officials have assets within South Sudan, hence the appeal to Juba to freeze them as well.
“To demonstrate its resolve in furthering compliance with the designations that it has already made, the Committee writes to the States members of IGAD to reiterate their obligation to enforce the travel ban and asset freeze established under resolution 2206 (2015) and extended under resolution 2290 (2016),” the report said.

Sustainable peace

The experts also renewed calls for the imposition of an arms embargo on South Sudan so as to lessen military confrontations in the war-torn country.

“To demonstrate the Security Council’s resolve in supporting an inclusive and sustainable peace in South Sudan and to prevent the further destabilisation of the security situation, the expansion and extension of the conflict, the continuing large-scale human rights violations … the Security Council should impose an arms embargo on the supply, sale or transfer of arms and related materiel to South Sudan,” the experts said.


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