Mugabe wants disgraceful coup ‘undone’

Mugabe wants disgraceful coup ‘undone’

Robert Mugabe, the former president of Zimbabwe, has criticised his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, for turning against him. Mugabe told the South African broadcaster SABC that although he had “nurtured and brought Mnangagwa into government, and … we must undo this disgrace”, adding that Mnangagwa was only able to achieve power with the aid of the military.

Mugabe’s belated sense of morality is the source of amusement to many, who consider his ousted government one of the most repressive and corrupt in Africa.

Said Mugabe in reference to Mnangagwa, “He whom I nurtured and brought into government and whose life I worked so hard in prison to save, as he was threatened with hanging, than one day he would be the man who would turn against me. It’s the army which assisted him… The army made sure that the 0ther organs of state were completely neutralised… We must undo this disgrace…Please, we don’t deserve it.”

It appears the irony of his entreaties is lost on him – he is 94 after all – and user online have berated him for running down Zimbabwe, whose economic woes Zimbabweans attribute to his misrule, and said he does not deserve any sort of consideration from government or international  bodies. Extreme comments include references to a “mad dog”, while others aver he is undergoing withdrawal symptoms from political power. ^

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