Changing tide

Changing tide

When three IEBC commissioners resigned last month on account of what they termed as incompetence and lack of leadership from Chair Wafula Chebukati, a series of events happened in quick succession.

Commission chief executive Ezra Chiloba had just been sent on compulsory leave – ostensibly Connie Maina, Margaret Mwachanya and Paul Kurgat resigned in solidarity with the CEO. Soon after, the security detail of the remaining commissioners, including the Chair was withdrawn for inexplicable reasons, to be quietly reinstated a few days later.

Our source at the Harambee House intimates that the resignation of the three, a well-orchestrated move meant to hoodwink the remaining commissioners into following suit.

Curiously, the three did not follow-up their public announcement by formally tendering their resignations – a fact activist Okiya Omtatah has since used to sue to force their removal.

The intended intimidation of the remaining commissioners was swiftly stemmed by State House by those who saw DP William Ruto’s hand in the saga, with all indications being that there is a deliberate objective to limit the hitherto extensive power Uhuru’s deputy has enjoyed.

“There is a political realignment happening,” our mole says. “There is an unusual keenness with the constitution of IEBC and the intelligence services because there are all indications that some very powerful figures do not want the DP enjoying any powers or growing clout he shouldn’t.”

And with the intended census next year, which has traditionally been manipulated and used to cast lots with election patterns, there are also hints of a clandestine alignment of crucial functions at the Devolution ministry to achieve predetermined figures in different regions, which figures, he reveals, the DP is desperate to control, but which are increasingly out of reach of his grasp.

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