No, the President will not see you


After Raila ‘s much-publicised visit to retired President Moi last month, his erstwhile deputy, Kalonzo Musyoka, made spirited attempts to secure a similar trip to no avail. Those in the know say Moi is a man who knows what he wants, which happens to be Raila at this point, and what he doesn’t need, which happens to be Kalonzo Musyoka.

The Wiper leader was reportedly told in no uncertain terms that the former President was not looking to offer him any mileage, let alone blessing for any aspirations he may have, and that he best spend his energies elsewhere.

It was after this disheartening turn of events that the man from Tseikuru made the decision to publicise a courtesy call to Governor Sonko’s office – a man he is said to roundly detest. Much to his relief, the governor was only too happy to oblige.



  1. What’s the hype about handshake and high profile visiting in recent past is just hilarious, kalonzo of all the people also wants to pay a visit to the wise old man of kabarak just because the enigma did the same!!!it seems this kalonzo guy doesn’t understand the adage that says live within your means


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