Retaliation threats against Nation journos

Retaliation threats against Nation journos

After the expose by The Nation on the rot at City Hall, it is understood that snitches within the newsroom and some actual spies from intelligence agencies have been deployed at the county leadership’s behest to find out those responsible for the exposé.

An editor who spoke with The Nairobi Law Monthly explained that despite doing brisk business with the Nation Media Group’s broadcast division, it had been decided that the print segment, and particularly Sunday Nation, would expose the rot in Nairobi county, both as a form of the bold journalism it is famed for, and partly so that the company is seen to stand for something, following recent bad publicity for the Group.

As a result of the witch-hunt, Nation editors are not taking chances and have determined to not speak to anyone about any sensitive investigations they have going on or conducted previously, to protect their journalists from the very real threat of retaliations. (

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