PORTRAIT: Dr David Ndii

Dr David Ndii

Ranked among the top world economists, Dr David Mwangi Ndii holds a PHD, doctorate and master’s degrees in Economics from the Oxford University, as well as a masters and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Nairobi.

He is also a Rhodes Scholar and Eisenhower fellow, who co-founded the Institute of Economic Affairs, Kenya’s first independent policy think-tank.

HIGHLIGHT: Distinguished economist, stalwart of good governance, public intellectual

IGNOMINY: Former Nyayo House torture chambers at the height of multi-party agitation

The economist has distinguished himself with being a vocal critic of corruption, misrule and extrajudicial killings. In his own words, he does not “suffer fools, has no apologies for being intellectual and elitist, and has no time for fake modesty and political correctness.” He is not afraid of controversy, and was amongst the first people to call for secession, on account of official tribalism, favouritism and misrule.

He advised the NARC administration on the Economic Recovery Strategy (ERS), credited with the post 2003 recovery of the Kenyan economy. Ndii was also an Economic advisor to the Government of Rwanda and public finance expert to the Kenya constitutional review Committee of Experts (COE). He also served as an economist with the World Bank. 



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