Respected, not feared

Respected, not feared

Because of his no-nonsense demeanour, you’d think his juniors are terrified of him. But, officers who spoke with the Nairobi Law Monthly think he is a fresh break from the suck-up heads of divisions they are used to.

An Interpol officer who had come to have a file verified and signed described the DCI as “the best thing to happen to the DCI in many years. He should have been appointed earlier.”

Mohamed Roba, Kinoti’s executive advisor, is urbane and polished. He is the face of the DCI’s work ethic, which is exuded effortlessly. Like his boss, he is meticulous and unassuming.

He excused himself twice during our conversation when file were brought for his attention, perused each page and made notes before signing. “I don’t believe in going through the motions,” he answered my unasked question. “I have to know what I am approving or endorsing.”

“It is the trend here now; once a directive, it is now a culture,” Roba concluded, in apparent reference to the DCI’s mantra for accountability.

Roba surmises the culture change in a sentence: “When the leader is weak, the whole structure will crumble, no matter how strong those below him are.”

The Nairobi Law Monthly spoke to three other officers separately whose analysis of their boss paint the picture a man who cares nothing for rank, especially if it stands in the way of his job, with a diligent work ethic and whose fidelity to the law and dictates of his job is unquestionable.

Two of these have worked with Kinoti for 13 and 15 years respectively. When asked to describe his work ethic, they described as “very hands on, a good judge of character and God-fearing”, and “A friend to officers and a man of very high integrity”, respectively.…

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