Where is Aden Duale?

Where is Aden Duale?

Aden Duale’s most famous quote is “Hii pesa si ya mama yako bwana,” for which he almost came to blows with former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto. This was back when he was “noisy”, and ruled the roost of public opinion. In a way, he was the “total man.”

It would now seem that the man who made a career out of “responding to Raila Odinga” is suddenly nowhere to be seen, particularly after the March 2018 handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga. His about turn was spectacular after the historic handshake. In his own words, “Raila Odinga is a very important person.”

Even after Moses Kuria’s ill-advised outbursts against government and Kenyatta in particular, the self-made Jubilee sycophant was nowhere to be seen. The Duale of yore would not have let pass the chance to spar with Kuria and put him in his place.

Word has it that all the legislator wanted was the chance to lead the 11th and 12th Parliaments as Majority Leader, together with all the perks and “opportunities” that come with that seat. Once this was in the bag, he has had no more reason to shout himself hoarse for nobody. As some have hinted on social media, many hope he continues to remain cool as a cucumber and stays below the political radar.

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