Give a man an inch…

Give a man an inch…

There was drama at the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Makadara when an advocate had to be arrested in the course of making an application for jumping bail. The young, arrogant advocate, had, a few days earlier, charged with a traffic offence, begged the Magistrate to reduce a cash bail he had been slapped with. In his magnanimity, the Magistrate obliged his request only for the fellow to fail to appear for a mention of his case. The Magistrate wasn’t amused. Acting sua motu, he immediately revoked bail and issued an arrest warrant against the renegade advocate.

Wakili was promptly arrested when he appeared in court on official duty a day later. Somehow the smooth talker managed to convince the arresting officers not to embarrass him before his client with handcuffs. The officers agreed only for wakili to go missing! Threatened with jail themselves, the arresting officers placed the entire station under lockdown in a bid to trace the missing man. Lo and behold, they found him in an adjacent court-room making an application!

He begged the Magistrate he was appearing before to give orders directing that the officers respect him and allow him finish making his submission. Unlike his brother, Magistrate B didn’t fall for his tricks. Wakili was promptly arrested and cuffed – with fresh orders to never appear before either of the magistrates. He was taken back to the trial court where he was made to wait at the dock for four hours before seeing the first Magistrate who at this time was raving mad. All the while, the learned fellow kept himself busy insulting court staff. The magistrate finally saw him in his chambers only to, in a bizarre twist of events, release him! Only they know what  went on in there! (

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