MARCH: We want to lead by example in dealing with this monster; President Kenyatta, on decision to forego 20 per cent of his salary as part of his government’s austere measures against the escalating payroll in the public service


Payroll instructions touch on terms of service. Once we get a written communication from any individual taking a pay-cut we will effect immediately. We are yet to receive any so far

* Public Service Commission chairperson Margaret Kobia, on why his commission has yet to effect the 20 per cent on the salaries on the President and his deputy.


Just like the Speaker said yesterday, that the motion is already before the floor of the House. I would say the motion will be debated next week. And that is the stand at the moment and nothing has changed. I also want to add that there is no one convincing people to decline supporting this motion. Those are rumours

* Mithika Linturi, Igembe South MP, declaring his intent to impeach Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru. He mobilized 100 colleagues to support his motion. He failed to appear in the House to move the motion.


Linturi has just proved that he is a man with no stand. His action has ashamed the Meru people and Kenyans at large

* MP Mpuru Aburi (Tigania East Constituency)


It’s now a big shame to the (100 MPs who signed the Waiguru impeachment motion) since Kenyans now have the perception that the House is corrupt. Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo complained that the House was corrupt and the allegations were rubbished by some leaders. This incident clearly proves that Mr Midiwo was right that some MPs are using the House to get funds for their own personal gain

*  Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto accusing Igembe South counterpart Mithika Linturi of dishonesty, after the latter failed to move the motion against Waiguru.

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