The real poll losers are the people, and winner, ding ding… Capitalism

The real poll losers are the people, and winner, ding ding… Capitalism
By Arkan Yasin The poor plebeian people of Kenya are the real losers of last month’s election. They who, time and time again, are worked in to a political fervour of religious proportions by elites, with the same old promise of “freedom” from the terror of grinding poverty and all manner of ills, that were created by the self-same elites and their imperial sponsors in the first place. They put in all that effort only to find themselves not only more exposed to more evils but also with a heavier yoke around their necks than they had going in to the elections. And to compound their punishment, they will immediately be relegated to political irrelevance, becoming spectators for the five years preceding the next election, as the elites begin 2022 campaigns, divvy out the spoils of 2017, continue to gorge our children’s inheritance, pillage public resources, and sell us, their own people and future generations, into economic slavery. Then again this is Democracy, the God we’ve all prayed to but which has ultimately failed us. “…Less than a century of full-blown democracy has resulted in steadily increasing moral degeneration, family and social disintegration, and cultural decay in the form of continually rising rates of divorce, illegitimacy, abortion, and crime” on the social front. Grinding poverty, unemployment, debt-interest slavery, government failure, insecurity and perpetual wars on the economic and political front. An apt description of our reality, right? This is a paraphrased excerpt of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s description of America, the paragon of Secular Democracy in his 2001 treatise “Democracy; The God That Failed”. Uncannily familiar, isn’t it? It should be, given we are deploying the same ideological operating system id est Secular Capitalist Democracy. The massive infrastructure undertakings promised are now known to be directed at improving the efficiency of capital. The “development projects” submitted to the plebeian masses as “for their own economic uplifting” are actually oil on the grinder they are yoked to.
Finally, it ensures politics will never happen, and given that it is through politics that societies are formed, a cogent social body will never be realised. And the public is instinctively aware of this, as many ordinary people, exhausted by elections, deride them in spite of participating in them, and openly confess to suspecting that democracy must be someone’s idea of a bad joke on everyone.
David Ndii articulately explained this on January 30, 2016, in his Daily Nation article, “Mega-projects and hollow men”. But sadly, and probably out of desperation for change or suffering an ideological blind spot in his intellectual vision, he went on to contradict himself on December 3, 2016 in his article, also in the Daily Nation, “Anyone is a better alternative to looting Jubilee” – possibly his rationale for joining the Nasa brigands in their bid to seize the high ground and take their turn at pillaging the villages in the valleys below. Let it be clear that there is nothing wrong with…

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