“Horror is the removal of masks.” – Robert Bloch

“Horror is the removal of masks.” – Robert Bloch

Arkan Uddin Yasin

March 9, 2018. We all sat there, in disbelief and consternation. Could anyone be so cold? So unfeeling? So without compunction?

“No man, for any considerable period of time can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be true” – Nathaniel Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter

Sitting there watching, listening to the speeches, there was a buzz in my head that could not let me make out what they were saying. It did not matter. It was the return of the prodigal dhampir; it was watching vampires toast each other with goblets filled to the brim with our blood.

We all know our tribal elites are duplicitous and heartless, but the living will never cease to be surprised by the living dead.

It is not the challenger’s comparison of the 2007 Post-Election Violence blood-letting with post-match football hooliganism that confirmed his sociopathy; it wasn’t his repeated attempts to trigger massacres; it is not his success in creating “Coalitions of Hatred”…this is the nature of the Godless politics of Democracy and to ask different of its leaders is to delude one’s self.

It is that on toasting with the chalice he does not proceed to drink it in solemn ceremony, neither does he proceed to renew himself with its life-giving sweetness. No, he spills it! He spills it with scorn, scornful indifference.

But what is one to expect from the living-dead? What does blood mean to the undead? What does life mean?

We were watching an ancient play climax right before our eyes.

The Royals of Europe wrote each other letters, lovingly penning each other as “Dear”, as their subjects slaughtered each other in seemingly endless wars.

The references “Ndugu yangu” – My brother – were not misplaced. They are actually family; the laugh was on us – we who were willing to “die”, if we are to believe Dr David Ndii, to determine which one of the brothers would share out the  booty in the family. For that is all what it was about – who gets to sit at the head of the table and hold the carving knife during dinner (we do not get to sit at that table even as guests, in case some naïve reader saw himself dining with them).

Our tribal elites, however, do not break new ground in perfidy.

In the West, in America, the global proselytisers, enforcers and policers of democracy, we witnessed a trailblazing campaign for change by a candidate dismissed as too old to be accepted by the youth, Bernie Sanders. The so called “grumpy old man” activated a voting demographic long considered disinterested in politics by the established political elites, the youth of America.

Bernie Sanders re-invigorated a nomination process that was expected to have record levels of apathy. He called out to the youth and they came out in droves, totally destroying the political system’s preferred candidate, the practising witch – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Bernie Sanders promised Canaan. And like a famous local false-revolutionary, herded the believing people, the faithful masses, the entire loyal following into the hands of the Philistine elites.
World War I Family relationships

Economy in shambles

No-one escapes the pernicious effects of Secular Capitalist Democracy, not even its pioneer, Greece. The Greek experienced betrayal of proportion that is epic – a scale of treachery so unique as to be worthy of only them and their distinctive history, Syriza, literally an unfolding Greek tragedy.

Chronis Polychroniou captures it in his quite literally titled Aljazeera article “Syriza’s betrayal and the selling of a nation”, excerpted for your reading pleasure below. It tells our present and foretells our future with fearful clarity – if you ‘find and replace’ “Syriza” with “ODM” and “Tsipras” with “Raila”:

Five years of international bailouts had left the economy in shambles, shrinking the GDP by nearly 25 per cent and sending the unemployment rate to stratospheric levels (over 25 per cent), while producing unprecedented poverty and causing the collapse of social services, including the public healthcare system.

Under this context, Tsipras’ impassioned rhetoric against austerity had a natural emotional appeal among voters across the ideological spectrum, and only the most astute observers had an inkling of what was in store for the future of the country under a pseudo-leftist, incomparably opportunistic group of individuals (Tsipras and his inner circle) for whom power is indeed the ultimate aphrodisiac.

After a few  months of political theatrics directed against the country’s official creditors, in which one of the main “victories” was to reject the term “troika” in favour of “the institutions”, the Syriza government – and its junior partner, the right-wing and xenophobic party The Independent Greeks (ANEL) – capitulated fully to the euro masters.

The Muslim world watched in horror as Somalia Transitional Federal Government President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed handed over the all the sacrifice, all the trust and all the hopes that all of the Muslims of the entire world had in the most powerful nation in the East and Central African region, to the Goddess of War former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Six months of rule by Islam not only brought peace after thirty years of war, but resolved the most intractable political dispute in the worlds’ most social-politically fragmented society.

What followed needs no elaboration. He was not the first, and won’t be the last…

Let no-one speak of betrayal, for a vampire cannot betray its victim, neither a sovereign its subject…it is the nature of the beast. Secular Imperialism whose mask Capitalist Democracy has fallen…let their only be urgent work for change – radical change.  ^

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