PORTRAIT: Justice Luka Kimaru

PORTRAIT: Justice Luka Kimaru

At the age of 36, Justice Luka Kimaru was appointed a judge of the High Court in December 2003, where he has served since.

Within the Judiciary, he is known as a no-nonsense Judge who is a stickler for the law.

His first station was the Nairobi Criminal Division, before he was transferred to Nakuru, then back to Nairobi.

So efficient is Justice Kimaru at his job that the Rift Valley Law Society protested plans to move him to Mombasa while he was stationed in Nakuru.

Justice Kimaru is given to bouts of anger – justified, some say – especially in instances where lawyers mishandle or are careless with cases.

He is a member of the Committee on Election Preparedness that trains judges and magistrates in readiness for elections.

He is also chair of the Community Service Order, which aims at reducing the number of people in prisons and remand homes as well as advocating for non-custodial sentences.

The judge currently serves at the Criminal Division of the High Court, where he has been since 2015. (

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