Mental issues this festive season

Mental issues this festive season

By Cynthia Wairimu

We are fast approaching the festive season and this is also a source of stress if you might believe that. There is such a thing as too much of anything being poisonous. So, what is likely going to stress you out during this time?

One of them is simply expectation. You hold such expectations from either yourself or others for this season which can be overwhelming depending on where you stand at the moment. Are you financially able to handle the demands of the festivities? Are you mentally equipped for the activities and the emotions, feelings around this period?

The best bit about this period is that it is predictable and you can plan for it. During such festivities, people come together to celebrate or travel for vacation while others are still on the job. It is important to plan or you might find yourself either joining a plan that you were not ready for, spending more than you had bargained for, or having plans that you do not like or end up regretting. 

Organise your plans based on priority and manageability. If you feel something is too expensive, do not feel the pressure to get it, knowing you cannot afford it; it can wait, until you have the resources. This way, you can enjoy yourself with no pressure or fear, all you have to do is excuse yourself and not feel bad because we cannot have it all at the same time and passing on an activity does not mean disinterest or the end of it.

Having sorted your finances and what to do during the period, be careful of your energy. You will be interacting with people you have not met in a while and there could be many changes; take it in stride. However, be sure to take some time to yourself do it, even if its 30 minutes to focus and reflect and check your thoughts as well as feelings and ease any overwhelming feeling within.

This is also a time when people eat and drink to their heart’s content; do so in moderation. Remember that food will not disappear once the festive season is over and therefore there is no need to go crazy and then face the consequences of over-eating or sudden weight gain, which you had probably been working to maintain. 

Again during this period, depending on how you choose to celebrate, there is usually binge drinking involved, and when making merry, a lot can go overboard including alcohol poisoning or drug overdose. This is the last thing you want to handle after the festive season or during it as it takes away from the celebration and only serves to stress your body and your mind due to loss of serotonin or hitting the ground hard and not having enough to keep you running.

If you feel that being around too many people could be overwhelming, it is possible and perfectly healthy to take time to relax and go over the festivities at your comfort, besides, there will be more holidays to celebrate and be with friends and family. 

It is wise to remember that just because it is the end of the year, does not mean another will not begin and require your attention to such things as bills to pay, so prepare for the after season by getting your affairs in order such that once this is done you can seamlessly flow into your next agenda with some form of ease.

It is also advisable to spend this time with family friends and loved ones to share in the bliss of togetherness; if that option is on the table, take it and maximize it to the fullest. Spend time with them and have a good time, in moderation and share your experiences of the year and goals for the future with those that care about and support you. 

Happy Holidays! (

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