Kidnapped Nigerian students beg for help

Kidnapped Nigerian students beg for help

The Federal College of Forestry Mechanization in Kaduna state on Thursday became the fourth school in northern Nigeria fall become victim of abductions by terrorist groups since December 2020.

A viral video on social media continues to circulate with the kidnapped students cowering on a forest floor as armed captors hit them with sticks.

The more than two dozen students in the video can be heard pleading for help in both English and Hausa. With one victim saying that the captors want a ransom of $1.3m.

“If anybody comes to rescue them without the money, they are going to kill us.” A male student in the video says as a man with a gun is seen standing behind them.

Bello Mohammed Usman, The College’s Provost and a parent to one of the kidnapped students were able to positively identify their students from the video.

The armed gang is said to have broken into the school on Thursday last week. Attacks by armed gangs in the region have been on the rise with both the military and police trying in vain to stop the wave of kidnappings.

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