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Zambia’s constitutional court strongly backs judicial independence

By Carmel Rickard Zambia’s constitutional court has found parliament in breach of the constitution by not passing legislation to ensure the full financial independence of...

Bank not liable for loss after employee, mandated to operate a client’s accounts, steals money

Should banks allow staff to be given mandates so that they may operate the accounts of customers? It’s a question that has to be...

‘Open justice’: Upcoming divorce hearing casts the spotlight on court reporting

Carmel Rickard Uganda’s high court has been wrestling with the difficult question of how to balance three sometimes competing constitutional principles when it comes to...

Is Africa ready for the UN cybercrime treaty?

Negotiations on a UN cybercrime treaty have been ongoing since May 2021, but African countries are in various states of preparedness. Negotiations on a United...

How fake copyright complaints are muzzling journalists

Journalists have been forced to temporarily take down articles critical of powerful oil lobbyists due to the exploitation of US copyright law, according to...

100 Years of Women Lawyers in Africa

4 Law Firm Leaders Share Their Stories In 2015, Webber Wentzel’s Sally Hutton became the first woman lawyer in South Africa to be appointed as...

Partners Are Frustrated With ‘Zoom Associates.’ Will Threatening Their Bonuses Change That?

Consultants and partners have bluntly described some younger associates as “lacking accountability and initiative.” But surveys suggest younger lawyers and aspiring lawyers are more...


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