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African countries lost control to foreign mining companies: the 3 steps that allowed this to happen

The Conversation Within a few years of independence, African governments asserted sovereignty over their metal and mineral resources. Prior to this, the resources were exploited...

An assertive Africa pushes for climate finance at COP28

As the globe gathers for COP28's first-ever Global Stocktake, Africa demands that the world's biggest polluters to fund the fallout of their actions. By Seth...

Electricity access in Africa higher than previous estimates

Recent surges in home solar energy installations across Africa indicate that more people on the continent may have access to electricity than previously thought. By...

10 African countries at the top of the Press Freedom index

Press freedom has emerged as a crucial barometer of Africa's democratic progress. Across the continent, ten nations are scripting a new narrative of empowerment...

Half of global jobs in the critical minerals sector are in Africa – a new report shows

A new report from the International Energy Agency sheds light on the shifts in the energy job market, with clean energy outpacing global opportunities...

Crypto: The next big adoption challenge for African banks

The last two decades have been tumultuous for African banking, with big international banks moving out of the continent and a bevvy of more...

Can Tanzania’s era of gas-fueled vehicles last?

East Africa's largest country by land mass is moving forward with plans to use its extensive natural gas reserves as a substitute for gasoline...


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